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Orthodontic FAQs

Thirty Two & You is proud to offer full orthodontics service in our Denison, Iowa office. We’ve answered some common questions patients have about braces and orthodontics treatment

Does insurance cover the cost of braces?

Orthodontic consultations are always 100% free at Thirty Two & You, and do not require a commitment to start treatment. During your consultation, a member of our staff will carefully review your customized treatment plan. Our treatment estimates are comprehensive, and include all elements of treatment from start to finish.

Whether or not you have dental insurance, we offer convenient payment schedules to help ensure your investment in your dental health is also a manageable part of your monthly budget.

How do I know if I need braces or orthodontic treatment?

We always recommend a complimentary consultation with an orthodontist if you notice the following issues:

  • Protrusion of teeth
  • Difficulty chewing or biting, biting the insides of the lips or mouth
  • Crowding or extra spacing between teeth, difficulty flossing or brushing due to crowding
  • If you are hiding your smile because of crooked, misaligned or protruding teeth, or feel that these issues have caused you to potentially miss out on social or career opportunities

How can I schedule a consultation or appointment for braces?

As a premier orthodontist in Denison, we are proud to offer all levels of orthodontic services. Please contact Thirty Two & You at 712.263.3252. Dr. Bygness is accepting new patients.