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5 Reasons Why Tooth-Colored Fillings Are the Superior Choice

October 13, 2023

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A man with amalgam fillings

Dental fillings have come a long way in recent years. Before the advent of dental-grade composite resin, most fillings were made of different metals combined to create amalgam. Now, however, you have a choice of materials to restore your teeth.

Continue reading to learn why composite resin is the best choice for all your fillings. You’ll be surprised just how versatile the tooth-colored filling material is.

1. It Has Nearly the same Durability

The main draw of amalgam fillings is their stoutness. Because they’re made from an alloy of different metals, your tooth would probably break before your filling does.

Composite resin used to be far less sturdy than it is today. They would crack under the strain of high chewing forces. However, the strength of composite material has vastly increased over the years, making it comparable in durability to amalgam.

2. It Preserves More Tooth Structure

The high strength of amalgam fillings comes at a cost. Whenever your dentist cleans the decay from your tooth, they have to remove additional enamel and dentin to accommodate the metal fillings.

This removal of healthy structure may contribute to weakness in the tooth, making it more likely to crack.

The composite resin fillings can be applied to much smaller areas, allowing them to be applied to more teeth without compromising their structure.

3. It Offers Reduced Tooth Sensitivity

Because amalgam fillings need additional space to be placed correctly, it often puts them closer to the nerves in your teeth. Metal is a great conductor of temperature.

Have you ever touched the metal tab of a seatbelt after it’s been left in a hot car, or felt how cold a chain link fence post is after snow? Imagine that next to your teeth after eating a popsicle or drinking hot tea!

Tooth-colored resin fillings don’t have these same conduction issues. They remain at a consistent temperature, reducing the number of sensitivity issues you experience.

4. It Doesn’t Contain Mercury

If you look at the ingredient list of an amalgam filling, you’ll see a strange entry: mercury. While some dentists defend its use in fillings, the fact remains that it is a dangerous chemical.

It has been linked to autoimmune diseases, oral cancer, and several other health concerns according to many studies published in the National Library of Medicine.

Composite fillings are mercury-free and don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

5. It Just Looks Better

If aesthetics are your main concern when choosing which type of filling to go with, then composite resin wins again. Unlike amalgam which has a dark or silvery sheen to it, resin fillings are colorized to match your natural tooth enamel. Once the treatment is done, they become almost invisible.

If you’re considering fillings for cavities or small cracks, don’t delay your treatment. It’s a simple procedure that can prevent further tooth decay and keep your smile healthy and bright.

About the Author

Dr. Ryan Bygness has been helping patients restore their teeth and smile better for over 25 years. He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and has since expanded his knowledge through certifications in complex dental procedures as well as continuing education courses through the prestigious Spear Dental Institute. To schedule an appointment at 32 & You Family Dental and Orthodontic Arts, call (712) 263-3252 or visit the website to learn more.

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