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5 Reasons Not To Have Teeth Removed For Braces


Most dentists and orthodontists were trained in school to remove premolars when a patient has crowded teeth. Space is then created, and that space can be used to relieve the crowding of the other teeth.  Makes sense, right?

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Discover The Clear Alternative To Brackets And Wires


For many teens, adults, and parents living with a smile they believe to be less than ideal, the prospect of enduring years of corrective treatment with a mouthful of brackets and wires is more than enough to keep them far away from an orthodontist's chair. Thankfully, clear aligners from companies like Invisalign® and ClearCorrect have become a more readily available—and affordable—option for the orthodontia-phobic.

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Five Benefits Of Regular Dental Visits


You may not consider postponing or even skipping the occasional appointment with your dentist to be a big decision, but the truth is that regularly visiting your dentist will save you more than just your smile. And while it may seem trivial, avoiding these checkups can set you up for a problem you didn’t bargain, or budget for.

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Why A Visit To Your Dental Hygienist Is More Than Just A Cleaning


The routine dental hygiene appointment is the most undervalued appointment in the dental office. Many people either cancel or fail to make an appointment with their dental hygienist for one of a variety reasons. The most common of these is that their teeth feel “fine” at that particular moment. And while you may not currently be experiencing any pain or discomfort, or have noticeable tarter or plaque buildup, easily preventable health issues can quickly manifest due to a lack of care.

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Being Eco Friendly Has Benefits Beyond The Environment


These days, it's easier than ever being green. With the growing popularity of Eco-dentistry—or green dentistry—dental providers like Thirty Two & You Family Dental have found that putting eco-friendly practices into place in their office can yield benefits far beyond just a positive environmental impact.

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