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Teeth Whitening – Denison, IA

Make Your Pearly
Whites Nice & Bright!

A smiling woman sitting in a dentist’s chair

Even if you brush and floss often, your teeth will likely stain at some point. It’s a fairly common issue –  even oral care experts can have discolored smiles. That said, you don’t have to live with a brown or yellow grin. You can always brighten up your chompers with teeth whitening! As offered by Dr. Bygness and his team, this service helps your pearly whites live up to their nickname. To learn more about it, keep reading or book a consultation visit soon!

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

A woman’s smile being compared to possible tooth colors

In general, almost anyone can get teeth whitening. The procedure doesn’t have stringent requirements. That said, it does benefit some more than others. Ideal candidates are usually patients with stubborn tooth stains, especially people who want a confidence boost.

However, note that discolored teeth aren’t all the same. Teeth whitening works better on extrinsic stains – those caused by foods and drinks. In contrast, it doesn’t remove intrinsic stains beneath your enamel. The same goes for discoloration from enamel loss. (After all, there aren’t stains to erase in this latter case.)

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

A woman receiving a teeth whitening treatment

Professional teeth whitening is customized for each patient. At our practice, though, it usually takes one of two forms. The first is a take-home kit, which allows you to brighten your smile flexibly and conveniently. In-office whitening is the second option, with you undergoing care at Dr. Bygness’ office. Regardless of the method, treatment should give you a grin six to eight shades brighter.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

With take-home whitening, a patient uses a dentist-provided kit. It has you wear gel-infused trays over your teeth for a few hours daily. After doing so for roughly two weeks, your grin will be noticeably brighter. This process is also flexible, as you can decide the time of day to wear the trays.

Just to be clear, these results only come from a dentist’s take-home kit. Those bought from a store won’t work nearly as well. Worse yet, these substitutes are often harmful and damage your teeth.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

As its name suggests, in-office whitening takes place at our office. That means Dr. Bygness will apply GLO whitener onto your teeth. Once this gel sets, he’ll expose it to a special light that activates it. All in all, the whole process only takes a one-hour dental visit.

Luckily, in-office whitening is highly safe. The gel used is non-toxic and won’t harm your teeth or gums

Tips for Maintaining Your Brighter Smile

A handsome man pointing to his bright and white teeth

Teeth whitening isn’t permanent, so you should do everything possible to help it last. Luckily, there are various ways to maintain its results. Some of the best ones include the following:


  • Avoid Stain-Agents – Avoid foods and drinks with tannins, which are complex compounds that stain teeth. Such items include red wine, berries, coffee, etc.
  • Eat More Dairy – When you eat dairy products, you’ll strengthen your teeth and their enamel. Plus, they usually lack dyes and won’t stain your grin.
  • Practice Good Oral Care – To avoid plaque buildup that causes stains, brush twice daily and floss once daily.
  • Get Touch-ups – Before an earlier whitening session wears off, get a new one to keep your smile bright.