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Stop! 3 Issues That Could Keep You from Getting Dental Implants

May 23, 2022

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man thinking about issues that could stop you from getting dental implants

After considering your tooth replacement options, weighing the many pros and cons, you’ve decided to go with dental implants. You feel confident about this decision, and you’re resolved to make it happen. But, there are a few hoops you may have to jump through first. In other words, there may be some roadblocks you have to overcome. Keep reading to learn about the possible issues that could stop you from getting dental implants.


5 Types of Tooth Pain that Are a Dental Emergency

April 11, 2022

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person with tooth pain holding their cheek

Tooth pain is never a fun experience. Whether it happens when you’re out spending time with loved ones or catching up on your favorite show, it’s always a cause for concern. Though not every type of tooth pain warrants a dental emergency, there are a few that do. Read on to learn about five kinds of dental pain that will require a prompt visit to the dentist.


Why Do Some People Have Dental Fear?

February 4, 2022

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woman looking scared at dentist

Your cousin happened to mention the other day that she hasn’t been to the dentist in four years. You were shocked to hear it and had to ask her why. When she responded that she just doesn’t think about it to make an appointment, that didn’t seem like a legitimate reason to you. She’s an adult who makes her own choices, but it got you thinking about others like her who never go in for an exam and cleaning. Some of these people must have dental fear and it’s just not something they want to admit. Keep reading to learn from your dentist in Denison some of the reasons this is all too common.


How Is Invisalign Different from Other Clear Aligner Treatments?

December 8, 2021

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patient holding clear aligners

If you’re thinking about starting a clear aligner treatment, Invisalign is likely the first option that comes to mind. After all, it’s been around for decades and has proven effective for countless patients. Well, did you know that there are other options for clear aligners? Spark and ClearCorrect are two aligner systems that can also offer outstanding results. In this blog post, we’ll discuss key differences between these teeth-straightening options to help you determine which one’s best for your smile.


How Long Will You Need to Wear a Retainer After Invisalign?

November 10, 2021

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young girl holding Invisalign aligner and retainer

At your last Invisalign appointment, you marvel at the perfect, straight smile you worked so hard to achieve. However, your journey doesn’t end there. To preserve your hard-earned results, you must wear a retainer as directed by your orthodontist. If you fail to do so, your teeth can shift back into their original positions pre-orthodontic treatment. Although it’s hard to give an exact answer on the amount of time you’re required to wear your retainers after Invisalign, here’s a general idea of what you can expect.


Wondering How Long It Takes for Braces to Straighten Your Teeth? Read This!

October 8, 2021

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Woman in denim shirt wondering

If you are unhappy with your smile due to crooked or spaced-out teeth, you probably already know a lot about braces. After all, this tried-and-true orthodontic treatment has helped countless patients achieve perfectly straight smiles throughout the years. What you may not know, however, is the average braces treatment timeline. Don’t worry – you can find out the answer by reading on!


You Asked, We Answered: Will Invisalign Affect the Way I Speak?

September 17, 2021

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Patient holding up Invisalign aligner

Over two decades ago, Invisalign debuted its clear aligners, changing the world of orthodontics forever. Since then, more than 8 million patients have used their smooth, biocompatible trays to achieve their smile goals. Although this teeth-straightening treatment is well known for its shorter treatment timelines and improved comfort, many patients wonder if clearly speaking with Invisalign is difficult. If you’re in the same boat, then keep reading for the answer!


4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Invisalign

August 31, 2021

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Patient holding up Invisalign aligner

Invisalign debuted in the late 1990s, completely revolutionizing the field of orthodontics. Since then, more than 8 million patients have used their clear aligners to discreetly straighten their teeth and achieve their smile goals. However, there are a few aspects of treatment that patients are often surprised by. With this in mind, keep reading to learn a few things you should know about Invisalign.


Have Broken Braces? Here’s What to Do Next!

August 10, 2021

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Closeup of woman in glasses covering her mouth in shock

Unfortunately, all it takes is one wrong bite into your food or one bad fall during a sporting event to wind up with broken braces. After all, the metal brackets and wires are by no means indestructible. If you find yourself in this situation, your initial reaction may be to panic. Don’t! Instead, follow the steps outlined below so you can get the fast, effective treatment you deserve.


How to Wear Rubber Bands for a Straighter, Healthier Smile

July 12, 2021

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person wearing braces in Denison

You know the benefits of wearing braces in Denison. Not only will they help you achieve greater oral health, but they’ll straighten your teeth in a way that ensures greater confidence in your smile and appearance. But what about rubber bands? If your orthodontist recently recommended these tiny appliances, it’s likely because you need additional help to get you to the finish line of treatment. Read on to learn more about the reason behind these unique orthodontic elastics and how you can wear them most effectively for healthier, permanent results.

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